FAQ - Cap & Gown

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I have yet to order my Cap & Gown from a Miami Dade County Public School. What are my options?
Check with your school's Activities Office to see if it is too late to order. If it's too late, you will have an opportunity to rent from us directly. Towards the end of the school year, we will be issuing caps and gowns to those students with a permission slip issued by the Activities Office. The cost of the Cap & Gown at Herff Jones is $45.00 cash only.

I want to order my cap and gown. Where is it?
The cap and gown is listed as an additional item. Click on Shop Catalog near the top of the Page. Select additional item. The cap and gown product is usually located on the 3rd page. Note: Cap and Gowns are sold to specific schools: not all schools will have this option available. Currently Coral Shores and Continental Academy have this option available. 11-19-2010 1:22PM